Whether you have elected to purchase a new replacement battery or a "donor" headset, I recommend checking your battery. You’ll also get the 3.5mm audio cable with inline mic and remote, a micro USB charging cable, a small carabiner clip, and of course a small sleeve with the instructions, a Beats sticker, and warranty information. Copyright © 2020 Joe's Gaming & Electronics. Just like the modern day smartphones, your Powerbeats 3 earphones also have a firmware running on it which needs to be updated whenever an update is available. Instant results. how to find out exactly how much battery is left in your earphones. $14.99 $ 14. Beats has built in a system that allows users to understand roughly how much battery is left, which is outlined in method 1. Once they are on the charger, hold down the power button for 20 seconds. Use the Beats Updater to get the latest firmware. Beats Solo 3 Wireless: Design and Build You'll no doubt be familiar with the Beat style, which has remained similar through the generations and is unlikely to change any time soon. Place the metal hinge extension into the outside panel so that it can freely slide up and down. It's quite inconvenient. Install the new battery. Make sure that the red wire is facing out and away from the headphones. 99. However, ever since Apple bought the company—earning Beats' founders $3 billion in the process—the products have improved considerably. Replacement Battery + Tool for Beats Solo 2.0 3.0 AEC353535 Wireless Headset Headphones Repair Power. Unfold the wire that connects the battery to the power board then give it a tug close to the plug that is connected to the board. Try to connect the powerbeats to a charger and an electrical outlet; See if it is charging. If you have not updated the firmware for a long time, you may want to do so now to fix the issue. Plug the new battery into the mainboard. Or if the tool cost seems prohibitive for a one time repair and you would prefer that we complete this repair for you, check out our Repair Services to get your electronics fixed up by the pros. Some of the users say that this solution worked for them. Method 3. Beats Solo3 Wireless Factory Reset Instructions. This step is optional but may save you from performing the entire process with a faulty battery. The second issue is the W1 chip, I keep getting notifications now and then on my iPhone displaying the beats solo 3 and the battery. Since these are headphones, the Beats Solo 3 offers a major benefit over earbuds in terms of wearer comfort. Sounds just like bad AM radio reception. Depending on which device … If you would prefer to see a video tutorial on this repair, click Here. Although this isn’t something that happens to everyone, there are many people who dislike in-ear headphones because they can cause discomfort and make the insides of their ears feel sore after wearing them for too long. I tried resetting it holding power & volume down, but even then I still have issues. Fold the battery wires down neatly into the gap between the battery and circuit board. These could also be signs that the headphones need to be Reset. 3.7 out of 5 stars 138. Push the battery into its place, making sure that the circuit board on the battery is facing the plug. Battery-life can vary. ***Check to make sure that the wires are not going to interfere with the movement of the hinge extension and that they are entirely inside of the housing. Please add your email so we can send you amazing offers. Replacement Battery for Beats Solo 2 Solo 3 AEC353535. 8th Solution: Remove the Powerbeats’ Battery. Beats by Dre customer service is here to help every step of the way - from purchasing to troubleshooting, we've got you covered. With the bottom round part of the panels separated, you can now place your thumb between the two panels to keep them separated from each other, then, continue to pry them apart all the way up to the hinge. Opening the box you’ll get the classic “change the way you hear sound” message. The tools and parts that you will need for this repair: Insert your pry tool in the small gap between the inside and outside panels on the side of the round part of the panels. Is this how the headphones are designed? It is a New Genuine Beats By Dre Solo 2 or Solo 3 Wired/Wireless battery part. Do they show that they are charging but always show a red light? Thanks. Push your pry tool underneath the battery and pry it up and away from the inside panel that it is taped to. Pairing to a New Device. One workaround would be to use the 3.5 mm cord that comes with the headphones. I just was having problems with my own Beats Solo 3 and I tried this. Are you a business? Place the inside panel onto the hinge extension and outside panel near the hinge and make sure it is aligned properly then snap it into place on one side. Line it up by holding the wires near the plug, then gently push it in using your pry tool or fingernail. What I have always liked about Beats over-ears is they do not stick out a mile from the side of your head, they have a slim profile for their category, and as such, if you go for the matt black version, can actually be quite subtle. No such issues with the Beats Solo 3. Snap the rest of the panels together by applying pressure. Gently pry up all around the round part of the panels to unclip them from each other. Hi, I have the XPS 8700 and just got a new set of PowerBeats3 headphones. Recently purchased a pair. As with all Beats products, though, go for brighter colours and you’d better have the swagger/wardrobe/youth to carry off the look. Your headphones have now been reset and are ready to be set up with your devices again. Update the Firmware Version on Your Earphones. Line it up by holding the wires near the plug, then gently push it in using your pry tool or fingernail. It’s fair to say that the designers at Beats have not been taxed too heavily with this new model for the lineup. Power Beats 3 are terrible, a really bad product. 2. I tried resetting it holding power & volume down, but even then I still have issues. 49 You might want to charge your powerbeats first and wait for it for a few minutes. If your device does not charge, then it will start to become an issue. I had a pair of those wich only lasted for 3 months, I had to replace them 4 times while the headphones were under warranty. Hope this post saved you a lot of time and frustration trying to research this issue. You might have a problem with a dead battery. They should work right away. The only other option I know is going to an Apple Store. If your powerbeats has a low battery or it shows battery empty, it won’t be able to turn on at all. Remove the powerbeats 3’s battery. We offer wholesale discounts on our repair services if you are sending numerous units in for repair or want to send us continuing batches of devices for repair on a regular basis. Replacement Battery + Built-in Connector for Dr Dre Beats Studio 2.0 3.0 Wireless Headset AEC643333 560mAh Repair Part Fix Power Issue 4.0 out of 5 stars 15 $12.49 $ 12 . If you have any issues with this unit just contact us and we will make sure to assist you. I've tried repairing the device but that didn't fix the problem. The real "magic" behind the battery life with the Beats Solo3 is Apple's proprietary W1 chip. Or do they show that they are fully charged when plugged in but then only show a red light when you try to turn them on? 02/03/2016 by oldspice Seems to me that I need to desolder a few wires from the working board and the damaged board and then swap them out and then solder the wires to the working circuit board. The battery is in the right side of the headphones. If so, it might be time to install a new battery. Get your speaker part from JoesGE - https://bit.ly/2KNOJ1z Send your Beats to Joe's for repair - http://bit.ly/2keSzr0. Incorporating the efficient W1 chip brings seamless setup and switching for your Apple devices*, up to 22 hours of battery life for all-day full-featured playback with Pure ANC on, and Fast Fuel technology for 3 hours of play with a 10-minute charge. From here you can identify what issue you have with your beats headset from the list of common faults. *This repair is the same for the Solo 2 wireless and the Solo 3. Try this: Put your Beats on the charger. You can find your model of Beats by Dre headphones from the list below. The second issue is the W1 chip, I keep getting notifications now and then on my iPhone displaying the beats solo 3 and the battery. PowerBeats 3. In method 2, however, you can learn more about how much battery is left using the Batteries widget in the iPhone Notification Centre. After the 20 seconds, unplug your beats and turn them on. This fix should work on any Beats By Dr. Dre Wireless device and not limited to the Beats Studio. At 40 hours, the Solo 3 Wireless’s battery life is nothing short of outstanding, and quite simply unheard of in current wireless headphones. Pulling that out you’ll get a small softshell carrying case and in there you’ll find the headphones. Replace Battery on Beats Solo 3 and 2 Headphones; Replace Headband Part for Beats Studio 3 and 2 ; Replace Beats Studio 3 2 Ear Pads; Replace Beats Studio 2 WIRED Charge Port Part (GREEN PCB) Replace RIGHT Ear Hook Part on PowerBeats 3 ; Bose Aviation … Contact our support team for more info Info@JoesGE.com (This email is only for wholesale inquiries, please contact Support@JoesGE.com for other inquiries). Comfort. The first issue I'm having is when I've paused the music for around 2/3 mins and try to resume play by using the play button, the headphones don't respond as if they're off, only when I hold onto the play button to activate Siri that's when they resume (Siri speaks). Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones offer a comfortable fit, decent active noise cancellation and clean, though a sometimes overly processed, sound profile. I get this too, when temperature drops below zero celsius, my Beats Solo 3 and iPhone 6s take turns shutting down. This is to identify if there are any issues with the battery itself. … Turn on your newly updated headsets, and wait for it to appear in your phone’s Bluetooth under Other Devices section. Need the tools used in this repair? It's extremely muffled. Thanks to better battery management by the W1 chip, it’s a huge jump from the 12 hours on Beats’ previous model. If you can charge your Powerbeats Pro successfully, then you may want to shift your attention to the battery status of your device. The Studio3s adhere to the brand aesthetic religiously. It should come unplugged fairly easily. Get it as soon as Tue, Sep 29. Battery service fees when your product is out of warranty, prices are for service performed by Apple: If you would prefer to see a video tutorial on this repair, click, How to Replace the Main Wire in Beats Solo 2 Wired Headphones (Right Side Not Working), How to Replace the Battery in Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones, Pry Tool (a guitar pick or the dull side of a butter knife can also do the trick). I've tried repairing the device but that didn't fix the problem. Do not buy a used battery … After waiting, put back the battery. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. This will take some force. Use the Beats-Supported App. or does anyone else have this problem? *Beats EP, Beats Pro, Beats Solo 3 Wireless, Beats Studio 3 Wireless, Beats X, Powerbeats Pro, Powerbeats 3 Wireless, and Powerbeats only. Make sure that the red wire is facing out and away from the headphones. Leave it off for about 1 to 2 weeks. Have your Beats headphones stopped turning on? Push the battery into its place, making sure that the circuit board on the battery is facing the plug. Plug the new battery into the mainboard. Hold down these two buttons for 10 seconds: Power button + Volume down button; When the fuel gauge flashes, release the buttons. They paired with my desktop but the sound quality is terrible. Any suggestions? Select your Beats Studio and enjoy. The biggest of those is battery life. Snap the other side of the inside and outside panels together then check to make sure that the extension mechanism can click freely into its different positions. If anyone can give me some solutions or point me in the right direction. Thankfully my iPhone only does it when low on battery, with the Beats it doesn't matter if it's just taken off charger. Alright battery doesn't seem to be the issue here, swapped batteries and it charges fine on the circuit board that doesn't appear to be damaged. If you have Solo 3 headphones that you set up with an iPhone using iOS 10, you receive the latest firmware automatically. There is a slot for the metal hinge extension in the outside panel. A fully charged battery will indicate between 3.4 and 3… Apple and Beats’ claims about raising the bar for Bluetooth performance with their 2016 headphone range are fully justified. In our testing, the quoted 40-battery life of the Beats Solo 3 is accurate, but it's important to mention that your mileage may vary depending on how you use your Beats … Press the power button for 5 seconds. Published Date: October 02, 2020 If you have any questions in regards to this repair, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call and we will do our best to reply to you as quickly as possible. 3. Be careful when removing the outside panel as there are small wires attached to the bottom of it that you don't want to rip :). Beats and Apple are changing the way you listen to music with the Apple W1 chip in Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. Beats Solo 3 Wireless on-ear headphones immerse you in rich, award-winning sound, everywhere you want to go Designed for listening freedom A sleek, streamlined, and foldable design, plus seamless setup via the Apple W1 chip, means these are durable and portable enough to stay on-the-move with you. Just be careful to not tug it upwards and away from the board as the plug is connected parallel to the board.