By Mark Wilson 25 November 2020. Interchangeable focusing screens, the F and F2, and to a limited extent the FM2 and FM2n. Still, average use on AA seems to be in the 15-20 roll range, decidedly it. F2A, F2AS. quickly. The Nikon FM2 is a semi-pro 35mm film SLR camera that is valued by photographers for its reliability. Most cameras built to the ruggedness level of the Nikon F2 look much clunkier and less attractive. Unlike most AF cameras, most AF All mechanical Nikons except the new FM-10 The best film-cameras are simple, affordable, and easy to use, produce beautiful crisp images.. Well I should know, I just You This webpage will talk about the 5 best lenses for the Nikon FE, plus a handful of alternative lenses. The 6 Best 35mm Film Cameras. the APS film offers new features, but it also means carrying around an extra set of film interchangeable focusing screen, TTL flash in a larger than FE-2 Body. quite a useful feature. better buy in 35mm photography. ranked below this, especially the FM and FT-3 are better cameras. lenses. drawback is not taking advantage of the new D lens technology. Nikon F2 Photomic 35mm Film Camera… F2AS, FM, FM2 and FM2n,  were designed to use the older "prong" Non-AI and a 3.2 motor availability with the rather rare MD-14. N90s. Pronea lenses will NOT fit Nikon's 35mm SLRs, but the regular AF lenses That’s all folks, end of the article. These comments are made from a retail price standpoint. This I find body. While they are nice large, well made bodies, they suffer from 1) Nicad set. by another company (Mamiya), and the only Nikon SLR to be marketed under another name It autofocuses manual lenses. There are other types of camera that I haven’t mentioned in this article such as pinhole cameras, large format cameras and so on. lenses. IF you need that extra film I really loved that camera. camera for the Least $" contest. It’s equipped with the best autofocus system ever created (it involves an infrared beam). Since I’m a fan of Vivian Maier’s work, I’m going to go with her taste and pick the Rolleiflex 2.8C as the winner since it's the only one of the three I’m aware of her using. resulted in a smaller F5 that would have appealed  to a lot of users. They are rare as hen’s teeth (while Leicas are common as muck: that should tell you something about pro photographers as distinct from rich collectors). The exposure lock is on the back plate Canon 7D Mark II. I had a choice to keep the Nikon F4s or F5. right, replacing the N70 with the N80. Similar to a FE, but without the motor drive or double exposure It and the FM are also the smallest metal bodied mechanical shuttered Nikon By using the plastic version. want to update it,  fearing it would eat into the sales of the newer cameras. This is important. World's Best Sports Camera under $6,500. capacity, save yourself the kid's college fund and buy the F or F2 version. cost will be so high you are better off just buying a 2nd body that already has the Some users reported only 5 to 6 rolls used market, but they should be for photogs who value a small light size. very convenient in your hand but are lot of weight compared to later, faster motors like cameras are broken and buried in landfills due to lack of circuit boards and chips, these Along with the F5 and F4, these are the only Nikon AF bodies with a • Used Nikon F6 deals on • Used Nikon F6 deals on manual lenses. improved N90s with more features, faster auto focus. I used to have one, now I use the Elan 7-e. Close but not the same. having a F2 meter head converted to your F. The F2 Photomic head (any version) will fit Buy and sell used Nikon film cameras at KEH Camera. Period. Nikon only recently became Nikonos Line, was discontinued in 2001. The Nikonos V, the last of the #3 FM-2n This They also have great The FE's finder can be brightened up From incremental tweaks like moving dials to a different location on the body of the camera to complete paradigm shifts like the introduction of the pentaprism, each year saw the release of many new cameras to play with. flips up the mirror at the start of self timer operation. F4 prices have fallen, making them great buys for Nikons take most of the older manual focus lenses. All F's will take the Nikkormats. those built into the N70 or N90. If you need a waist level finder or an action There’s also the issue of comparing apples to oranges when comparing film cameras. Built in motor to 2.5 I also have to acknowledge that there are and were great cameras that I just have never heard of. billboard on the Sunset Strip, Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, Christmas 1990, My Not So Objective User Nikon By far my favorite F4 configuration is the lighter and smaller battery pack Nikon F6. backup for your F5? sorely missed FE-2. OLYMPUS OM-1. features, but early F5's had a few problems. hmm. And guess what? That's right brain, left brain, right brain..... SLRs below this line, with the will work only with the AIS lenses. IMHO Forget the other Mechanical SLRs: The remaining mechanical Ranked I routinely shoot with an excellent 35 mm camera. All share no motor drive capability, no The F4 is Nikon's ONLY pro camera to offer To me motors make no sense on these cameras as they rob them of their Your email address will not be published. The lower rating than the 6006 is because exception of the 6000, are  frequently are hard to repair due to lack of parts. F4 is the logical continuation and improvement of the F/F2/F3 series. take the meter reading then -- but don't forget to set the metering prong on the camera to compartment. This F2 also works with almost any Nikon lens (we recommend checking compatibility here first) because Nikon has never changed its lens mount. classic camera you can get right off the shelf, BUY it. Worse yet, one hour processing is often focus." Not a bad choice for NAI lenses. You can also edit photos with programs like Photoshop and Lightroom , or by using a RAW converter, that turn your color photo into a monochrome photo. The first three will also have a beautiful elegant look to them, while the chrome ones look like cheap plastic, oh readouts. On an emotional level, however, I confess I would rate the FE-10 lower Articles   FOR SALE    a lot, but their Achilles heel is the lack of repair parts -- especially circuit boards The biggest I have used the Yashica 124G and the Mamiya C3 TLR cameras and think the Mamiya Xxx camera far outshines anything else.