These french fries are the ones that I grew up on, but in the age of convenience, I just don’t make them very often. The secret to the best skillet french fries is using the double-fry method. @Lisa – I agree! Throw em in the boiling water. Hi Micol – Yup. I’m so glad you recapped his technique because I’m putting it on the list of things to make soon! ;) ~ karen! My mom’s fries are pretty darn good too, and she feeds me lunch every day because I work with her and my dad in their home office. enjoy! Drain off water and lay potatoes on 2 baking sheets lined with paper towels. Press the Start Button to begin the cooking cycle. Thought that was funny!!! Peel your potatoes. ‘Cause the bought stuff is just not good enough for these beauties. It is a post on how to make THE PERFECT FRENCH FRY. Gosh I think the rules were broken from the start!Karen I don’t know how in the world you are going to find all of these blog friends to punch them! Learn the secret to making the best homemade french fries from russet potatoes right at home! While the oil is heating, sift the flour, garlic … I had one …..long time ago….could never get what I wanted out of it in terms of “the perfect fry” so I ditched it for a pan of hot oil….which of course made very soggy fries! Now strain the fries and clean them with fresh water. A baking potato has the right amount of starch and moisture to make a good french fry. I know everything you said not to do. Using a sharp knife or mandoline, slice the potatoes into thin fries (about 1/3"-1/2" thick). I was sure you were going to wrap yours up in a tea towel like my mother did. Jazz these up with my 10 minute Brown Gravy and make a batch of Homemade Poutine!. Press the Start Button to begin the cooking cycle. You warned ’em. Wash out some of the"starch" and then drain the potatoes well. When the cooking time is complete, stir the fries. :). 2. Salt them when they come out. In general, frozen French fries will take between 15 and 20 minutes to cook in an air fryer. I’m gonna blow their simple little minds ;), Oh, and btw, I wasn’t being sarcastic. Ingredients 5 pounds russet potatoes Vegetable or peanut oil, for frying Sea salt Directions Peel and rinse the potatoes Cut potatoes into sticks by cutting each potato in 4 or 5 vertical pieces, then cutting each piece into sticks. Heston says to fry at 250°f for this step, but I found with a home sized fryer like mine, the batch of fries made the temperature drop so much they weren’t cooking so much as bathing in oil. 2. Hope for the spleen, Lisa. Bridget – I just cut them in strips like you normally would and cut the ends off. This is NOT a post on how to make easy french fries. They look delicious, I would definitely give it a try if only I had a deep fry. :), LOVE Fries and I would take the time to make the perfect fry. This is very similar to the process that we used . To reiterate. ~ k! That’s my goal. Dang. The final color of the cooked french fries was similar, as was the crispness of the two versions. – Drop the raw fresh sliced potatoes into the cold oil All Rights Reserved. Careful here… Because of the steam from the heat, and the excess moisture on the fries, the oil reacts quite a bit right off the hop, but settles down in 10 seconds.. so slowly drop em into the fryer. This will increase the crispness of the cooked fries. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. It got worse and worse. 7. I really do. I’m even wearing rubber gloves and a lab coat. By starting in cold oil, the interior of the potato has time to cook and get to temperature before the outside starts to crisp. The best fries are double-fried, first at a lower temperature to cook them through, then again in hotter oil to crisp them up to golden perfection. After the soak, place the potatoes on a clean dish towel and pat them dry. Fan-effing-tastic. I’ve found a quicker way to make “perfect french fries”, using the microwave to precook before placing them in the fryer. And just to make you feel like a slouch, Karen, she made enough to feed her 8 kids, hungry husband, lots of seconds and every frie perfect. Pam – No need to thank me if you already knew! I can’t wait to try this! Hmmm. Thermal observations. Hope for the spleen. But any tfal should do. They’re a distant, gussied up relative. Put them in a bowl of water and let it rest for about 30 mins 4. I can’t wait to try these! She started the process early in the morning which gave us the heads up to pass on dinner at friends’ houses that night. But then I remembered … these were going to be perfect french fries and figured it was worth it. But, my family gobbles them up, perfect or not. This is all very scientific, so I figured I’d better have a control group to show you the difference between an O.K. The most classic shape is the stick shape but we can cut potatoes in many different ways also depending on the occasion. Just because no one would go to the effort if it was not worth the result. Perfect french fry, perfect stack of french fries … and she’s hysterical! As limp things often are. Our Cooking Games will entertain you and teach you everything you need to know about the kitchen. Put the fries in the bowl and let them stay in there for 10-15 mins. You know, so I won’t mis-speed words. Everyone else I hang with doesn’t know how to do crap. French Fries for President! What do I care about? Wash and peel the potatoes 2. But it’s really true, guys: to get perfectly golden french fries that are soft in the middle and crisp on the surface, plunging potatoes straight into oil just doesn’t work. Season the french fries (I usually just use salt!) We help over 175,000 families find fun things to with their kids every week. Fry at 325°f until a crust forms but no colour. But even without those extra steps (which might even be necessary at all), it is possible to make crisp French fries at home. I like my vagina intact, thank you! Shoot – now I want some and I do not have a deep fryer. Wash potatoes and cut them into semi-thin strips. Hands down. Select the Airfry setting (400° F/205° C for 18 mins.). Remove the fully cooked French fries form the deep fryer and allow to drain on a clean paper towel for a second time. :) Glad you can confirm it though. Maybe. Thanks for all of your experimentation! If a single one of you complains this is too much work I’m going to punch you in the vagina. View this video about how to make easy homemade French fries from potatoes in the pan and get crispy fries in a very simple way! Spellcheck. Then I won’t even feel guilty! I’d go for the deep fryer. 7. How fun to put a comment on a blog post that someone took the time to test, cook, photograph and wirte and tell the person how YOU do it. French fries are the dish for you, to be prepared at home in a short time to enjoy them crunchy and golden. Heston Blumenthal was one of the guest judges on Masterchef Australia and making his fries was a ‘pressure test’! Interesting that you boil the potatoes from cold, I’d have thought that would make them soggy, even in the couple of minutes. Some think it’s because the potatoes have been prepared and treated using some special technique. Your email address will not be published. I’m happy with how it heats and doesn’t seem to cloud up as much as other oils. I want my vagina perfectly in tact, so I will not comment on the difficult nature of these fri-SHIT. Lol. Pan-fried french fries are easier to make (and even less messy) than you might think! When the cooking time is complete, sprinkle the fries … :). There’s nothing worse than deciding to blow a bunch of calories on a special meal, to find yourself eating a soggy, sad mess of inferior food! PS I LOVE your stack of fries! Just remember four things. Awesome. Look at that! ♦  The first way people make fries is to grab whatever potato they have in their cupboard, cut it up, turn the deep fryer onto “HOT AS HELL”, and throw them in. I don’t have a picture, however. But then I’m no French Fry expert! I would have liked your ma. Once all the potatoes have been fried at 300 degrees F, turn up heat to 400 degrees F. When the oil's hot, start frying the potatoes in batches again, cooking until the fries are golden and crisp. View this video about how to make easy homemade French fries from potatoes in the pan and get crispy fries in a very simple way! They were fried in DUCK fat. Clearly you know everything so there probably isn’t much reason for you to come back here. That being said, we can see an interesting piece in the data we were able to salvage from the boilover. ~ karen! Fill a large bowl halfway with cold water. We are Amazon Associates and earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks a million. Press the Start Button to begin the cooking cycle. I had some cooked in duck fat in Manhattan that were good; but really not having to get out the fryer myself makes any fry perfect for me! And, I really do love all the great things I learn from you. How to Make Lard & Why You Should Eat It. So I was wondering what kind of fryer is that one you have? I’ll do jumping jacks while they cool in the fridge. I think you’ll like the results of the thrice cooked fries better. I haven’t tried Sunflower. Chefs tend to have favourite potato varieties for french fries, but one thing they have in common is they’re all baking potatoes. 3/8" square fries-Soaked in cold water-Dried in salad spinner then w/ paper towel-Fried once at ~325F for 2 to 3 minutes-Removed, set on rack to cool, placed in fridge for ~30 min, then let sit on counter for ~30 min I don’t even care anymore if I make those yummy looking fries :). I think people love the fries because of MacDonalds. Traci L. – I’m sure they’re good. The most classic shape is the stick shape but we can cut potatoes in many different ways … Cut baking potatoes into medium sized fries. So did I. Aifryer French Fries are perfect for RV Kitchen cooking. Tina – Thank you for your generous offer. Do tell please. The secret to the best skillet french fries is using the double-fry method. Once the fries are dry and cold, fry at 325°f until a crust forms. Hand cut. Place in pot of cold, heavily salted water. I guess people aren’t afraid of getting punched in the vagina, or spleen. Do you need Help? Homemade fried potatoes recipes - how to make fries at home. ~ karen. (professional series) I don’t think they sell it anymore. Munchkin Fun | Munchkin Fun At Home | Munchkin Blue, about | | 888-982-8618. (Parchment paper is a MUST. I haven’t decided yet. I hope you will come see my new Annie Sloan Projects revealed! I am curious to hear your preferred oil? This will increase the crispness of the cooked fries. Cut the potatoes into medium sized fries slices. The goal is to ensure that the center of the fries are fully cooked before the outsides get too brown. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.