To find glycemic index and glycemic load for other foods, please use our comprehensive online searchable glycemic index database which lets you browse Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load values by … A high-GI potato becomes a low-GI meal if you simply add a little olive oil, because the added fat helps slow the absorption of the potato… Any GI score above 70 is high, indicating the food causes a rapid spike in blood sugar. Potatoes, scalloped, dry mix, prepared with water, whole milk and butter Add to Tracking Add to Compare Create Recipe Add to My Foods Potatoes, scalloped, dry mix, unprepared For medium potatoes (6 to 8 ounces), cook at high pressure for 10 minutes. GI list Corn syrup 115 Beer* 110 Glucose (dextrose) 100 Glucose syrup 100 Modified starch 100 Wheat syrup, rice syrup 100 Maltodextrin 95 Potato flour (starch) 95 Potatoes fried, french fries, scalloped potatoes 95 Potatoes, oven cooked 95 Rice flour 95 Bread white Gluten-free 90 Potato flour 90 Rice They are easy to make and taste AH-MAZ-ING! The glycemic index rating of potatoes makes them a “bad” carb. Glycemic load value for each vegetable is per 100 grams of food weight. Easy Potato Casserole Recipe. Scalloped or Au Gratin Potatoes are my favorite thing to order at a fancy steakhouse. For large potatoes (9-12 ounces), cook at high pressure for 12 minutes. For a potato that weighs more than 12 ounces, try adding 1 minute per additional ounce. (It's also worth noting that the glycemic index is an imperfect and controversial scale.) For small potatoes (3 to 5 ounces), cook at high pressure for 8 minutes. These Steakhouse Scalloped Potatoes are the BEST. Thinly sliced potatoes, Gruyere cheese, parmesan cheese, garlic, and heavy cream. The glycemic index (GI) (/ ɡ l aɪ ˈ s iː m ɪ k /;) is a number from 0 to 100 assigned to a food, with pure glucose arbitrarily given the value of 100, which represents the relative rise in the blood glucose level two hours after consuming that food. I actually like the potatoes more than the steaks! And unless you're eating an absolutely plain potato all by itself, its GI value doesn't matter. The GI of potatoes is variable between 58 and 111; on an average, it is 78 for a boiled one and 87 for an instant cooked one.