For a water-based, this Layrite Super Hold is good. Option #1 – You can use this product like a gel in a “set it and forget it” manner. If you want to still use Dax, read my article on Murray’s Pomade to get some clean up tips. Layrite Super Hold Pomade. Ich habe mir in London die Haare in einem coolen Barber Shop schneiden lassen. Slickness. To do this, apply a smaller amount to dry hair and style with your fingers. Cantu. Copyright © Soldan Marketing GmbH - All rights reserved. Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold is synonymous with affordability and so this is product which is ideal for most hair types. Like most water-based styling products, Layrite Super Hold will rinse out easily with plain water. American Crew. It’ll be thinner and give you a more natural look. Superhold is nearly identical to our Original Pomade but contains water-based beeswax to increase hold. Distributes easily--Even in thick, coarse curly hair. Add to Cart. Layrite Super Hold Deluxe Pomade is formulated to give a high shine result with an all day wearable look. As my hair is getting longer again, I'm finding it slightly less effective. Click here to read more about me and the story behind Iron & Tweed. Scent. Layrite gives a great hold and controls even my thick wavy hair. Shift, shape and style to perfection with their range of quality hair and facial hair grooming products, available online and in specialist stores across the United States. Great for smooth, slick back looks. Also die Layrite super hold Pomade bietet einen sehr starken Halt, ähnlich wie Reuzel blau. I didn't like this product as much when my hair was longer, around five or six inches in length. ), Mr. Bear Family BEARD BALM Beardpomade, Wilderness, Mr. Bear Family BEARD BALM Beardpomade, Citrus, Prospectors WATER BASED Pomade "GOLD RUSH", Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade "REGULAR", Hey Joe! Rating: 90%. Keep it up! Layrite Superhold is great for thick hair or high hairstyles. Grips hair so you can shape into most any style. 8. I also love how it allows for maximum styling flexibility. For this, it's best to apply a generous amount to damp hair, comb into your desired style, and leave it alone. * / 100 Milliliter), (€16.91 Super Strong Genuine Hair Pomade, Mr. Bear Family BEARD BALM Beardpomade, Woodland, Hey Joe! Das ist so zusagen meine Stammpomade, die ich schon seit ca. Die Layrite Superhold ist lustig. Macht sehr viel Spass damit zu experimentieren. Option #2 – Use it as a flexible hold styling product. This pomade's claim to fame is being “scientifically formulated to hold like wax, yet, wash out like a gel.” Specifically, Layrite Super Hold is intended to be used on curly, course, and thick hair. P.S. Never flakes. The Layrite Super Hold Pomade is best-suited for unruly hair that needs to be controlled. Classic Gold Pomade "LIMITED EDITION", Schmiere German knuppelhart heavy weight pomade, Schmiere - Pomade water-based - rock hard. It’s similar to Layrite, but a little thinner. If that’s still too much of a hold for you, look for a cream in a bottle vs. a puck. WHEN TAKING THE TIME TO LOOK GOOD WASN’T ABOUT VANITY, BUT ABOUT PREPARING YOURSELF TO BE GOOD AT SOMETHING, AND TO DO GOOD FOR THE WORLD AND OTHERS. It creates a sleek, high hold style that's perfect for a sharp handlebar. In other words, why a man looks good is more important than how good he looks. If you do manage to to do serious harm to your style by wearing a hat or pulling an all-nighter, running a wet comb through your hair will bring it back to its former glory. Duke Cannon Fiber Pomade Strong Hold Natural Matte Finish - 4.6oz. Do you have any tips on maintaining a good look while you grow your hair out? Layrite Super Hold Deluxe Pomade is formulated to give a high shine result with an all day wearable look. Slightly thick and sticky. Sie wird zwar nach einigen Stunden etwas hart und trocken aber einmal die Hände kurz anfeuchten und durch die Haare gleiten schon ist alles wieder perfekt. Sie lässt sich auftragen wie eine feste Pomade, hält den ganzen Tag ohne dass man was richten muss und abends wäscht sie sich raus als wenn sie nie dringewesen wäre. ITEM: C1207 . * / 100 Milliliter), (€5.41 An incredible high hold, water-based pomade that gives ultimate control and superb hold for the most demanding and challenging styles. Ich bin ein Neukunde und wurde sehr kompetent und freundlich beraten. Moderene Pomade, moderner etwas Murray`s Hair Glo ist die Tolle vor wasser geschützt und glänzt einfach wunderbar. Layrite`s Super Hold is perfect for extremely curly, course, and thick hair to create desired styles. This Superhold Pomade is almost identical to Layrite's Original Pomade but contains water-based beeswax to amp up the hold. Layrite Super Hold Pomade $ 17.99. * / 100 Milliliter), (€3.99 Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have! Medium to low … Not really, but it was a serious struggle not to taste it. Compare. When my hair was longer I used American Crew Forming Cream. If you find the product a little sticky,  you can add a few drops of water before rubbing your hands together. This isn't something I was eager to try (or openly admit), but the results can be outstanding. Lässt sich auch super leicht auswaschen nur ist der Geruch ein wenig gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber nicht zu aufdringlich. This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website and are always set. In stock. Water soluble, so cleansing is fast and easy without dealing with the pesty flakes that some gels leave behind! Telephone support and counselling:+0049 (0) 89-69374504Mon-Fri. 9 am - 5 pm, * all pirces include VAT; plus Payment & Shipping. It may be a good next step for you. It’ll give you a decent hold but doesn’t really “set” into place like Layrite – you can re-style with your fingers. As you can see from the picture, the product is a pleasing orange color, but what the photo doesn't really capture is the transparency. On the other hand, when applying to damp hair, it spreads fairly easily and allows a generous work time before it “sets”. Ich schätze, wenn man ins Schwitzen kommt is es vorbei mit ordentlicher Frisur. Heavy weight gel-pomade: Holds like a wax, yet washes out like a gel! The Layrite pomades are developed by "Hawleywoods barbershop", a world-renowned hairdresser in Southern California manufactured. Use to shape extremely curly, course, and thick hair or to create extreme or high-elevation styles that require extreme hold. If you're applying to dry hair, it does pull a little. I only discovered your site a few months back and am loving your stuff. But if you use some soft pomade, your hair feels great again. Manages and helps straighten curl. Meine Pomade wurde natürlich vorher rausgewaschen. The first thing you notice when you open the … Overall, I would give Layrite Super Hold a solid 4 out of 5 stars. The company recommends this product for thick, wavy and curly hair and hairstyles that require a strong hold to style. 1 Jahr verwende und mit deren Eigenschaften ich äußerst zufrieden bin. Below is a break-down of the product's characteristics, my experience, and a few bonus tips. I used to use Dax wave and groom but it was very messy trying to wash it out. Now you've got a flake free, flexible style for a more casual appearance. This will ease the application and delay the drying time, allowing you a larger window in which to work. If you want to add height to your style, get to know your way around a blow dryer. $37.00. Layrite Super Hold Water Based Pomade 10.5oz . Layrite Superhold Pomade. Layrite Super Hold Pomade Review. Add to Cart. The effect is similar to Murray's Superior or DAX Wave & Groom but Layrite washes out with just warm water. Dezvoltat „pentru frizerii de frizeri”, Layrite este evident popular, dar ceea ce face