Smoothies are the best. Nothing fussy or complicated, just awesome tasting dishes everyone loves! All of your photography really beautiful. I love the color–pink with flecks of red…and I can imagine how good this would taste too! the color is spot on and I love the texture it has with the small bites of pulsed strawberries throughout! No worries! Pinning :). & Tropical Strawberry Smoothie Garnish and Glaze. Oh man, I LOVE these photos – they are so girly and pretty! I just love the pretty-pink color and the fruit combination you used. They’re so refreshing and go down quickly and easily. — Strawberries, banana, and pineapple sound like a fantastic smoothie combo! 5 out of 5 based on 1 user ratings That smoothie looks so thick and refreshing. originally published April 21, 2014 — last updated April 15, 2019 I have been craving smoothies NONSTOP lately and strawberry/banana is the best combo there is. Or rather than use juice, make it with milk which has protein. Pinned! I love the combination of strawberries and bananas. I made a VERY similar smoothie this past weekend–great minds think alike ;). Love it with frozen bananas; so thick and delicious without the added sugar ^^. Remove crown and bottom and slice rind off of pineapple, quarter it lengthwise and remove core also slicing lengthwise. I’ll pass on those high sugar smoothies and take this one any day! strawberries, banana, pineapple, orange juice. Thanks for pinning & the nice photography compliments! I was *hoping for* a decent shoot. I would actually like to do something like that. Pinned! Thanks, Chelsea, for the compliments & the pin! Sweet strawberries, creamy bananas, and a splash of pineapple juice helps brighten this fruit smoothie and gives it a subtle tropical vibe. I can always count on my boys to slurp down a tall glass of this strawberry banana smoothie … THey are so rich and creamy but still healthy! (or that mojoito fruit salad I keep seeing!). What a great idea to add pineapple juice! LOL ;) pinned. One for you, and one to share. :). This will warm the smoothie just enough to make it creamy again. Beautiful pictures! I used to buy it all the time until I thought, wait I can make these myself and save those $6 LOL. Add frozen banana, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, and pitted dates to the blender. It can also be changed based on the juice used in the recipe. You'll find fast and easy recipes from dinners to desserts that taste amazing and are geared for real life. You all know that I love all sorts of smoothies. Powder or what? It works well with other fruits and vegetables. Traditional smoothies are sugar bombs, that's why we created our own Keto Friendly Smoothies, packed with Brazil Nuts & 3 Cups Spinach. I could eat one everyday, especially when they are as good as this Aloha Pineapple Smoothie! Easy Strawberry Smoothie Natasha's Kitchen. Blackberry Peach Chia Smoothie Pour mixture into 2 glasses and serve immediately. If you prefer agave syrup, you can use it instead of the maple syrup in this recipe. Averie – your smoothies are unreal! This smoothie looks delish! I used frozen strawberries and previously frozen banana chunks. Learn how your comment data is processed. Just so gorgeous and vibrant! The flavors in the smoothie remind me of all the brown bagged lunches of my childhood. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You just need something to help your blender get going. pineapple juice, vanilla Greek yogurt, strawberries, pineapple and 2 … In fact, I think that was the only yogurt my brother ate for about 5-6 years… He was a pretty picky eater as a kid. Add the frozen strawberries and banana chunks to a blender, then pour in half the pineapple juice (you want to add just enough juice to get the smoothie going). Very clever. SMOOTHIE. This will help keep your blender from getting stuck on the frozen fruits. You’re so sweet. I have 45+ banana recipes and hoard ripe ones in the freezer for smoothies, muffins, and quickbreads.). Subscribe now to learn the secret copycat recipes the restaurants don't want you to know about! Sweet, creamy, refreshing & healthy! I was told I need more protein. Puree until smooth, stopping to scrape down the … Love that you used it in this smoothie! Or one now, and one later if you freeze the leftovers. Healthy Pineapple Banana Smoothie is always a healthy choice year-around. This Strawberry Banana Pineapple Smoothie contains no added sugar and won’t derail your diet. This smoothie looks so refreshing. Just peel them, break them into 2-inch chunks, throw them into a Ziplock, and that’s your banana strawberry pineapple smoothie stash. This banana pineapple smoothie recipe recipe makes two smoothies. Extra portion will keep airtight in the freezer for up to 1 month (cover a freezer-safe glass with plasticwrap or place inside a ziplock to prevent freezer smells). I usually use orange juice in my smoothies. The best part about spring is that fruits are so sweet that we never need to add sugar! Combine pineapple juice, yogurt, strawberries and bananas in blender container. 1 1/2 cups cubed pineapple, chilled Adding ice can water down the flavors of the pineapple smoothie, but it will still taste good. You are speaking my language! Ingredients: Pineapples, Strawberries, Kiwi Apple Juice Blend, Gladiator® Protein Vanilla, Protein Blend, Metabolism Boost Enhancer, Fiber Blend Enhancer. Macros? Just one serve of this Pineapple Watermelon Strawberry Banana Smoothie will provide you with nearly one-quarter of your Recommended Daily Intake of Dietary Fibre, just over one-quarter of your RBI of Vitamin B6, just over 80% of your RDI of Manganese and nearly 200% of your RDI of Vitamin C (all based on a 2000 calorie per day diet). about 1 cup pineapple juice, or as necessary (substitute with orange juice or your favorite juice … Blend almond milk, strawberry and pineapple for a smoothie that's so easy you can make it on busy mornings. No need to add sugar since the fruit is sweet enough, Pineapple Banana and Coconut Cream Smoothie, Pineapple Mango Vitamin C Booster Smoothie, 8 ounces strawberries (about 2 cups, I used whole, frozen berries), 2 medium ripe bananas, peeled (previously frozen into chunks is ideal), about 1 cup pineapple juice, or as necessary (substitute with orange juice or your favorite juice medley). And that totally makes it even better! I love sweet, fruity smoothies. It is so refreshing, especially if strawberries are added to make a healthy pineapple banana strawberry smoothie. Blend on high power until the smoothie becomes creamy, pouring in more pineapple juice as needed to reach your desired consistency. The longer you blend the healthy smoothie, the fluffier it will become! All you need to make this smoothie is 5 ingredients, pineapple, strawberries, banana, juice and yogurt. Gosh I’ve been traveling and havent been up-to-date on everyone’s posts – missed that one of yours! This smoothie looks stunning Averie and so summery – Pinned and can’t wait to try :), Funny, I just made this last weekend. I can’t get enough of them when it gets hot outside. Our family’s favorite strawberry banana smoothie recipe has just 4 ingredients and takes moments to make! Bananas are instrumental in smoothies because they add creaminess, without adding milk or yogurt, and bananas add fullness. I’ll have to try the pineapple juice. Without the pineapple juice though. We love this banana smoothie recipe as is, but will try adding coconut or strawberries next time for even more flavor. Slice pineapple crosswise into quarter 1- inch … 1 tablespoon maple syrup, plus more as needed (optional). Yummy! Lastly, feel free to switch up this recipe to suit your tastes. The color is so lovely and attractive for kids too! Freeze some of … But now he’s drinking green smoothies and eating kale and inspiring me to try new foods — funny how that works! Breakfast is a battle at our house most mornings, unless there’s a smoothie involved! Strawberry Banana pineapple Smoothie. The fruit is so sweet I never need sugar. It just looks so creamy and the idea of adding the pineapple just makes the whole thing sound completely delicious. I can’t seem to get enough pineapple lately..after a long freezing winter I’ll take all the fruit I can get. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to coconut milk, pineapple chunks, banana, banana, pineapple, strawberries and 2 more. Simply can’t wait to whip this smoothie up! ;) Love the pretty pink color of your smoothies; it’s so cute and tempting! I'm so glad you've found my site! Pineapple Strawberry Raspberry Banana Smoothies are a favorite smoothie recipe. 1 cup frozen strawberries Strawberry Banana Pineapple SmoothieBigOven. It’s been in the mid to high 70’s which may still seem cool to some, but it feels great compared to the long winter we had. LOL You must try this Pineapple Strawberry Banana Smoothie. (I think your next cookbook should be about smoothies… you rock at making them, my friend!). Like you I’m also a banana hoarder and keep my freezer well stocked with overripe bananas! Place them in a freezer-safe bag and freeze. It’s really refreshing. Sweet, creamy, refreshing & healthy! Many store-bought juices contain corn syrup or other sweeteners, which you want to avoid. You feel the bananas but also the strawberries and at the end you feel the pineapple. Put all of the ingredients in a blender and process until smooth and creamy. The toughest part about making the perfect smoothie is getting the fruit to liquid ratio just right, but I’ve already done the hardest work for you! Strawberry banana pineapple spinach avocado smoothie Yummy smoothie that meets all your metrics, healthy fat, healthy carbs, protein, fiber a great quick meal option that even children will love AND you can sneak spinach in on them! Sweet pineapple and plump strawberries combine to make a delectable Pineapple-Banana-Strawberry Smoothie combination. I don’t usually do smoothies because, as you say, they are a sugar minefield, but this looks healthy AND tasty. I’m rarely tempted by smoothies (just not my thing) but for some reason this one did grab my attention. Taste and add more nondairy milk or maple syrup, if desired. Pinned! Banana Smoothie; Green Smoothie; Strawberry Banana Smoothie … Hi, Averie! Enjoy it! Oh my goodness, this is exactly how I make my hubby’s smoothie every morning, except I use pineapple and not just the nice and sometimes I throw in a small handful of blueberries. When you see bundles of very ripe bananas on sale at your grocery store, snatch them up. This strawberry pineapple smoothie takes only minutes to throw together, and then you’re ready to drink up this delicious and flavorful smoothie. Thanks for all the great tips! Allow to come up to room temp for about 30 minutes before serving. one – I love smoothies and this one looks absolutely perfect! Especially with strawberry and pineapple – perfect for Summer! Took a ton of pics to get a few keepers but hopefully they will do the trick :). Make the Strawberry Smoothie with Banana Remove the seed from the dried dates (if there is one). Plus, it’s naturally vegan, gluten-free, contains no added sugar, and it’s healthy. Ingredients 6 strawberries - stems removed 1 banana 1/2 cup fresh pineapple - cubed 1/4 cup milk Handful of ice cubes Pour the strawberry pineapple smoothie into two glasses. A splash of pineapple juice helps brighten the smoothie and gives it a subtle tropical vibe. Sweet strawberries, creamy bananas, and a splash of pineapple juice helps brighten the smoothie and gives it a subtle tropical vibe! Vitamin C is especially important for healthy skin due to it’s role in the synthesis of collagen. You want to cover the smoothie somehow to prevent it from absorbing the freezer smells! I have fun shooting drinks and making them! To make the smoothie, take frozen strawberries, banana, pineapple, and yogurt in a blender jar and blend until smooth. The original recipe used canned pineapple…err not a fan. Strawberries and bananas are such a great combo. If you like this recipe, check out these others: Banana Chia Smoothie. I’ll trade you these for one of your mojitos or other delish looking drinks! 2 cups cold nondairy milk, plus more as needed Thank you! Strawberry banana is my favorite combination, but I love the pineapple juice added in for a tropical twist. I love drink pics, too! Love your pictures, too. Strawberries are my favorite, but I’ve never tried them with pineapple, at least not in a smoothie. Strawberry banana yogurt was my favorite growing up, too. 2 … 1 tablespoon flax seed meal; 1 tablespoon chia seeds; 1/4 cup protein powder; 2 Medjool dates; 1 frozen banana; 1 handful of spinach; More Smoothies. Pineapple Banana and Coconut Cream Smoothie (vegan, GF) — Tastes like a virgin pina colada. But I doubt you’ll even want to save it for later. Lovely, natural and wholesome recipes; really easy to follow – thank you. peanut butter comfort Just gorgeous! No sugar added. I’m super excited for you to try this easy, healthy, delicious strawberry pineapple smoothie. When buying the pineapple juice (or your juice of choice) for this fruit smoothie, check the ingredients list to confirm that fruit juice is the only ingredient. If you don’t have pineapple juice, use orange juice, or another favorite. Just know that if you use fresh fruit you’ll need to add ice to the smoothie to achieve a smoothie consistency. Add in a banana for a Strawberry Pineapple Banana Smoothie. If you have a question regarding changing, altering, or making substitutions to the recipe, please check out the FAQ page for more info. drink pictures are my fav! It’s gorgeous and perfect for the warmer weather! Could you add some protein to this? I still have yet to go to Hawaii but this Aloha Pineapple Smoothie is what I imagine it will be … I already have 2 over-ripe bananas in my tiny freezer, but you’ve persuaded me to squeeze in some more. We’re huge smoothie people at my house and this is the perfect Summer flavor! 4 tablespoons sugar or honey (or to taste) 3/4 cup water or coconut water. Rinse out blender and combine all strawberry-banana ingredients in the blender and blend until … first to the blender. Check this box to be notified by email with a reply. Dirty the blender once and drink twice is my motto. Jazzy Vegetarian Subscription TV for Everyone. I am so glad I found your blog! 2 very large frozen bananas I grew up on strawberry yogurt, too… and is still my most fave! Pineapple: Pineapple is also another food that is great for your skin as it is a good source of Vitamin C. Pour the mixture into pretty dessert dishes or glasses. I’m sure I would love this smoothie. Love this flavor combo! They are such a breeze to whip up, I can rememdy that really fast! In fact, one cup of strawberry halves provides over 100% of your daily needs! A perfect day to start up my day off right! In my recipe, I used frozen pineapple…the joys of being in New England tropical fruit is … I could probably make a meal out of this smoothie. Maybe Vanilla? Pineapple juice is pretty much my most favorite thing EVER. Oh that’s downright tropical given the winter most of the country has had! Cooking with pumpkin, (vegan, GF) — Tastes like a virgin pina colada. 59 Comments, Posted in: All Recipes, Beverages, Smoothies. It’s made with just three (real) ingredients: strawberries, bananas, and pineapple juice. This smoothie is a perfect blend of pineapple and banana mixed with almond milk. Catalina Crunch Strawberry Banana Keto Smoothies: 5g Net Carbs, 3g Sugar, 6g Plant-Protein, and 14g Healthy Fat. Color is so pretty! I heart strawberry banana smoothies, and yours is so pretty! I sure didn’t. Tip: water will also work. What a lovely smoothie, Averie! ;). Luckily, this banana strawberry pineapple smoothie has no added sugar and won’t derail your diet. When you’re ready to enjoy your frozen smoothie, let it rest on your counter for 30 minutes before digging in. This strawberry pineapple banana smoothie was one of my mom’s favorite smoothies when I worked at the smoothie cafe. 1/2 pint fresh strawberries, stems removed. Yep, you can use fresh or frozen fruit in this smoothie recipe (or a combination of both!). Make sure to add your liquid, whether it’s almond milk, milk, water, juice, etc. Once blended, add some milk and blend again. Your smoothies look so wonderful! A bit of almond butter adds richness and filling protein. And just what I need with Cabo around the corner – you know I go on my daily starbucks/donut runs which I really need to stop doing! I bet it was great! Dairy-free milk (I used organic almond milk). two – your pictures are stunning! I’m a smoothie girl. Let me tell you, this pineapple strawberry coconut smoothie makes a great snack in between meals or a post-workout shake. If you want to freeze the second smoothie portion, cover a freezer-safe glass with plastic wrap or store in a freezer bag or a glass jar with a lid. 1/2 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped (1 lb) 2 ripe bananas, peeled. Throw some vanilla protein powder in there if you’re really trying to get crazy Ok, friends. I’d rather eat a brownie most times but this one isn’t bad at all :). Oh my gosh this smoothie is mind-blowing GORGEOUS. I often make smoothies with strawberries, frozen bananas, pineapple, and almond milk. The riper the bananas, the sweeter they’ll be. Blend on high power until smooth and creamy. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Makes 2 to 3 servings 2 Strawberry Banana Pineapple SmoothieMy newest addiction. It’s really good because you can really taste each ingredient. Looks great, This smoothie looks perfect! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. No need to add sugar since the fruit is sweet enough. Add all ingredients to a blender in the order listed. Consider this banana strawberry pineapple smoothie recipe a guideline for any smoothie you’re craving. Thanks for saying that about my pics! (Or your banana bread stash! I am generally not a smoothie drinks to the whole “calories of a meal thing” so I am all over yours! water, organic low-fat vanilla yogurt, pineapple, banana, strawberries. A great snack or breakfast from Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch. This smoothie makes a perfect summer breakfast! Sweet pineapple and plump strawberries combine to make a delectable Pineapple-Banana-Strawberry Smoothie combination. We use pineapple but any juice would work and would be a great addition to this recipe. strawberries, crushed ice, strawberry yogurt, pineapple juice and 2 more. What a gorgeous smoothie! Pinned! Pineapple Mango Vitamin C Booster Smoothie (vegan, GF) — Taking your Vitamin C never tasted so good! :). Thanks for trying the recipe and I’m glad it came out great for you! That way you don’t have to add ice, which waters down the smoothie. Blueberry Pie Smoothie â€” A healthy, no-sugar-added smoothie that tastes like a blueberry pie, Cherry Revitalizer Smoothie (vegan, GF) —  Gives you energy and leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Meal Replacement. If you prefer agave syrup, you can use it instead of the maple syrup in this recipe. One of my favorite breakfasts. I love all the flavors you have in this one! But they can be sugar minefields, and many clock in with stats that should make them meals, not snacks. The longer you blend, the fluffier the smoothie gets thanks to bananas. Serve immediately. The longer you blend, the fluffier the mixture tends to become due to the bananas. And can I add protein powder? Strawberry banana yogurt was a favorite of my brother and me too! // Pinned :), Thanks for pinning & cals of a meal – I know! We are finally getting some warmer “smoothie” weather here. Cook like a Pro. I love the addition of pineapple juice. I love smoothies and I can’t wait to try some of these. I’m sure you could add protein powder, yes. I grew up with good old-fashioned strawberry-banana yogurt and it was my favorite.