Purple sweet potato seeds for sale Grow Plants / Plant for sale / Purple sweet potato seeds for sale Sweet potato seeds for sale – Easy plant to grow, with edible tuber and leaves, also grown for the ornamental leaves and flowers, planting in early spring when start from seeds. Robust, Murasaki is … Also known as Murasaki Imo, which means “purple potato” in Japanese, there are several varieties of Japanese purple sweet potato including Purple Sweet … It can be grown like other sweet potatoes and needs a long, hot growing season. Plants … The purple beauty's soft white flesh is loaded with vitamin C and dietary fiber. Murasaki, a purple-skinned Japanese sweet potato, is a summer standout with distinctive nutty flavor. Growing an Okinawan sweet potato vine is rewarding as long as you have the right climate. Japanese purple sweet potatoes are botanically classified as Ipomoea batatas and are members of the Convolvulaceae or morning glory family. Plants & Seedlings 10 Particle Purple Sweet Potato Seeds Vegetables Seeds Garden Plants C1MY 01 Garden & Patio,Potato Seeds Vegetables Seeds Garden Plants C1MY 01 10 Particle Purple Sweet, Classification: Mini Garden, Color: Purple… Growing Okinawan Purple Sweet Potatoes.