This template will help keep your content uniform while also ensuring that all aspects are included in each piece. Bottom line: Every content strategy needs to incorporate SEO best practice to be effective; every SEO needs to embrace SEO content marketing in order to remain on Google's good list. It’s a great resource for their team and very useful for anyone who wants to create a voice and tone guide for their own brand. Angela Colter from Electronic Ink did a … “There is a wide range of considerations and strategic decisions relating to content that emerges from taking on the ‘write’ aspect of the web. When creating your content bank think about key events or milestones that you will want to highlight through your website content. What’s their pain? What’s in it for them? Once you understand what makes up a good content marketing strategy, you must determine what the goals of your website content will be. These findings were inspired by industry experts who presented at the Content Strategy Forum 2012 in Cape Town. When using websites that require a low literacy level, lower literacy users completed their tasks faster and with less frustration. To save time we suggest building a content bank or a blog calendar to ease the publishing process. Content Creation Process. You should choose the ones that make the most sense for your business and its current needs. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. How to take your project content-first, from selling-in to delivery. Metadata, in a web development context, is a set of programming guidelines that web developers can use to help search engines (and other applications) better understand content on a webpage. Bottom line: Structure content into its smallest building blocks in your CMS so that content can be re-assembled flexibly for use in different contexts and on different devices. So how does this relate to content strategy for the web? 1000 points to you, MailChimp. Bruce Lawson, author of the book Introducing HTML5, is ridiculously serious about HTML5. Anyone schooled in journalism will be familiar with the Five W’s and H of journalism: Who, What, Why, When, Where and How. A template like this will allow anyone on your team to have the ability to create perfect website content for your business. Match your writing to your audience’s literacy level. In order to streamline the process, you should create a content template. So, there should be no content creation without a plan. Content strategy is the ongoing process of translating business objectives and goals into a plan that uses content as a primary means of achieving those goals. A website content strategy focuses on the planning, development, creation, delivery, and results of your business’s website. It incorporates many new features like